Strong Brand

Brands provide orientation, create identity and set welcome markers which consumers can trust in the storm of communication experienced in an increasingly digitised world.

This applies to the GEFU brand too, of course. It stands for innovative products, top quality, reliability, sustainable customer benefit, and for the pleasure of cooking and the enjoyment of food. The GEFU brand can be trusted always and everywhere by customers, traders, business partners and employees. This is how it has been, is now and will continue to be.

Discover Culinary Artistry

Inviting friends, trying out new ingredients and exciting recipes, being creative together: cooking is fun. Particularly if you are using GEFU kitchen tools. They are effortless to use,they make preparation easier and they save valuable time.Time you can use for exploring the art of cooking, time for being together and also time for enjoying home-made masterpieces and a good glass of wine in a relaxed environment.

Strong Brand

Cutting. Grating. Slicing. Moulding. Pressing. Barbecuing. Frying. Seasoning. Coffee and Tea. Decorating and Serving. The clearly organised and structured theme worlds from GEFU offer enthusiastic culinary artists just everything their hearts desire. For each occasion and event: from Sunday brunch to a convivial barbecue, from removing cores to preserving fruit and vegetables, from steaming to baking, from breakfast to dinner – and from fi ne to coarse. In GEFU’s extensive range, enthusiastic cooks and gourmets will not only fi nd everything very easily and quickly but they can simultaneously get inspiration from new ideas and theme-related possibilities.

Success Story

The high-quality kitchen tools from GEFU are recognisable by their excellent functionality, first-class quality and a design which users find emotionally appealing. They are easy to use, reliable in application, and they feel and look good. This attractive combination is not only appreciated by Germany’s culinary artists; it also ensures increasing numbers of satisfied customers internationally and rising sales figures all over the world.

The long-established company from Eslohe has meanwhile become a leading successful brand in the kitchen area. The product range is continually expanded in order to continue to ensure dynamic growth. At this stage, the GEFU collection already has over 500 kitchen tools which are exported to 55 countries. New countries and markets will follow.

Design with Character

Elegant, functional design and love of detail are given top priority at GEFU. The passion for this can be felt throughout the entire development team. The idea for a new product usually begins with a spontaneous idea and the first, rough freehand sketches. These give rise to new trains of thought and new drawings again and again, not only in the office but also at home and on the road. Sometimes even on beer coasters. This creative process can take weeks or sometimes even months. After all, the team is not only interested in function and attractiveness but in imbuing each product with its own character, that certain something which gives every customer the secure feeling of having chosen precisely the right kitchen tool.


Perfect functioning, high quality, fi rst-class design and palpable emotion: the four cornerstones of the GEFU product philosophy are appreciated not only by culinary artists but also by the industry’s most important juries and in the awarding of coveted innovation and design prizes. The list of the award-winning GEFU kitchen tools is long and rich in Red Dot awards and national and international distinctions. People in Eslohe are paricularly proud of the fact that GEFU was chosen as a favourite brand by German consumers.

Strong Roots

GEFU is a grounded enterprise closely connected to the region and the location of Eslohe. It was founded here and the owner and most of the employees come from here. From here, it was possible to continually increase sales, particularly in the past years. In 2016, the enterprise invested in the construction of a highly modern company headquarters in Eslohe. It simultaneously represents a commitment to the location and a sign that strong roots and the courage to innovate in Sauerland have ensured sustainable growth.

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